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5 Affordable AI Technologies for Business Growth (and Their Application)

If you’re a small business and you are not ready for a major technology investment, you can still benefit from AI solutions using various budget-friendly solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) has embedded itself in almost every industry–from retail to healthcare, human resources, financial services, transportation, energy, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, marketing, education, and […]

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In the present profoundly competitive digital world, organizations must be data-driven to win. Data has become the fuel for organizations to deliver precise business choices at lightning speed. Data-driven organizations are not just ready to give a superior, more targeted customer experience, however, can likewise comprehend and follow up on […]

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IoT analytics: Reaping value from IoT data

The internet of things (IoT) is increasingly becoming a key component of many companies’ data-driven transformation strategies. Indeed, organisations that have embraced IoT are already seeing benefits such as improved operational processes, better inventory management, and enhanced equipment maintenance — to name a few. But a successful IoT strategy is […]

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