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Getting Serious About Data and Data Science

To implement successful data programs, companies need to shift goals, muster resources, and align people. Data science, including analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence, is no longer a novel concept. Nor is the important foundation of high-quality data. Both have contributed to impressive business successes — particularly among digital natives […]

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In the present profoundly competitive digital world, organizations must be data-driven to win. Data has become the fuel for organizations to deliver precise business choices at lightning speed. Data-driven organizations are not just ready to give a superior, more targeted customer experience, however, can likewise comprehend and follow up on […]

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IoT analytics: Reaping value from IoT data

The internet of things (IoT) is increasingly becoming a key component of many companies’ data-driven transformation strategies. Indeed, organisations that have embraced IoT are already seeing benefits such as improved operational processes, better inventory management, and enhanced equipment maintenance — to name a few. But a successful IoT strategy is […]

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